Shapriese Lost

66 Pounds

“From the first, friendly ‘How are you?’ when I called, it was just what I needed. That’s how I became part of the Transform family.”

Shapriese's Story

Shapriese describes herself growing up as a heavy kid. She grew up continually battling her weight. It wasn’t from not putting in the effort. She worked out, the pounds didn’t go away. Of course, she tried every trending diet that came along, but the weight wouldn’t go away. She contacted Transform Weight Loss and came in to talk. We answered every single question she had to her satisfaction and is now 10 months into her Transformation and a whole new person. “It works. I can show you works and this is why what you’re doing isn’t working.” The biggest difference before Transform and after? “I’m a new person. Same body, different mindset. A true love for life.”

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