Kelly Corrigan RDN, CD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Why did you join the team at Transform Weight Loss?

I was attracted to Transform as they’re a company that provides personalized patient care. They offer several approaches to weight loss, both surgical and non-surgical, and take the time to guide each patient through the entire process. Within the healthcare field, there are not a lot of organizations that are doing this level of personalized care. The more I heard about Transform’s mission, the more I knew I wanted to be a part of this team.

What’s your specialty?

I hold a Certificate in Weight Management. Prior to Transform, I worked as the Bariatric Nutrition Coordinator for Cedars-Sinai in Marina del Rey, California. I am also a classically-trained chef. I attended the Culinary Institute of America in Napa, CA. I’ve cooked in a variety of settings including restaurants, hotels and even a health-spa. As a dietitian, I always encourage my patients to get into the kitchen and prepare their own meals.

What’s the biggest reward of your job?           

Often patients think that weight loss means restrictive diets. I love educating patients that weight loss is about changing your lifestyle. It’s always great when patients go from eating mostly processed foods to preparing their own food from whole food sources.

What would surprise people about you?

I lived and worked in Germany for a year after high school. While I’ve lost most of my German vocabulary, I still know a lot of random German words.

What do you during your spare time?

I’m extremely passionate about food, so I am always cooking, trying new recipes and going to new restaurants. I always have an audiobook or podcast on in the background. I enjoy Hot Yoga, hiking and biking. I recently discovered the sport of pickle ball.