Peter Billing, MD, FACS

Founder, Medical Director

Dr. Billing is a surgeon whose passion is helping others treat their metabolic disease. He started Transform Weight Loss to help people Transform their lives with a long-term weight loss solution.

The most amazing part of his job?
“I am a surgeon and seeing a person’s diabetes gone the very next day with a same-day procedure is truly amazing.”

What would he you to know about him?
“When I was a surgical resident at the Mayo Clinic, I spent two years researching the treatment of diabetes.  I am so grateful now that many of my patients have resolved their diabetes under my care.”

His biggest reward?
“Seeing people have hope again by giving them sustainable weight loss solutions.”

What would surprise people about you?
“The fact that I have nine children!”

Do you have spare time? And, if so, what do you like to do?
“Read and hike.”

Transform Weight Loss uses lifestyle changes, weekly coaching, medications, biometric and laboratory testing, dietitian counseling and medical provider visits to achieve a sustainable weight loss solution.  We offer comprehensive weight loss services through our retail store and our Transform at Home Telehealth Programs. We have helped hundreds lose the weight and keep it off.