Melisa Polocoser

Registered Medical Assistant

Why did you join the team at Transform Weight Loss?

I am very passionate about having a healthy lifestyle and patient care. It just made sense to look for a team that shared my passions and really cared about what they brought to the community. It’s something I found here at Transform. The Transform team strives for excellent patient care and wants everyone to be the healthiest and happiest version of themselves.

What’s your specialty?

I am a licensed Master Aesthetician and a Certified Nursing Assistant. Aesthetics has been a passion of mine since I was a young girl. I have always enjoyed helping others with their skin care concerns. Whether you need some guidance on an acne regimen or would like to achieve that healthy, glowing skin look, I’m your girl!

What’s the biggest reward of your job?           

Seeing each patient leave Transform excited and motivated about the next steps in their healthy lifestyle journey. Then, when they come back and say, “I’m so happy!”, it makes it even better!

What would surprise people about you?

That I love to read! My favorite thing to do is relax with a cup of tea and engage with a nice book for a few hours.

What do you during your spare time?

Besides reading, I enjoy long drives through the countryside with my husband, and a nice cup of coffee in hand, of course!